La Périchole

Opera Company of Philadelphia • January 18, 20, 23, 25, 27, 30, February 2, 2002 at the Academy of Music

Scenic and Lighting Design: Boyd Ostroff • Director: Dorothy Danner • Costume Design: Richard St. Clair • Hair and Makeup Design: Tom Watson • Conductor: Stephen Lord

La Perichole: Denyce Graves, Piquillo: Richard Troxell • Don Andres: Robert Orth • Don Pedro: Terry Hodges • Count Panatellas: Douglas Perry

“The most attractive set, and the most distinctly artful one I’ve seen in an Opera Company production, comes in Act II, in the drawing room of Don Andres. Painted in rich colors and elaborate detail, Boyd Ostroff’s rendering of a royal abode never seemed more like something worth aspiring to. It did what the best set design does, giving added emotional understanding to Perichole’s attraction to the world of wealth and power, even when it thwarted her own path to true love.” – Peter Dobrin, The Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/22/2002

“The bright, comic-book-like sets by Boyd Ostroff hit just the right notes.” – Peter Burwasser , Philadelphia City Paper, 1/31/2002

“Boyd Ostroff’s set was appropriately wacky, with Act II featuring a huge off-kilter painting of nudes and an enormous bed that revolved to show the face of a clock.” – Diana Burgwyn, Opera Now, May/June 2002

“The Opera Company gives La Perichole a delightful production, and singing it in English makes the fun all the more accessible.” – Mark H. Beers, Philadelphia Weekly, 1/23/2002




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perichole_programProduction Staff

Director of Production: Jerome Sherk • Director of Design and Technology: Boyd Ostroff • Production Manager: Gregory Prioleau • Production Coordinator: Ulrike Shapiro • Production Stage Manager: Margo Maier • Asst Stage Managers: Tamara Broitman, Robert Manning • Lighting Coordinator: Drew Billiau • Props Coordinator: Cindy Felice • Staff Scenic Artist: Karen Tennant • Asst Lighting Designer: Drew Billiau • Asst Director: David McCarty

Technical Director: John Callahan • Properties Master: Lou Petrucci, Jr • Master Electrician: Dennis Moore, Jr • Asst Electrician: William Hennessy • Flyman: Timothy Callahan

Carpenters: John Callahan, John Damiani, Timothy Callahan, Paul Lodes, Thomas Bowen, Dean Stankiewcz, Matthew McIntyre, Thomas Reap, David Williams, Edward Murray, Steven Paul, Doug McBrearty, William Stearne

Scenic Artists: Vanessa Fenton, Matthew Hamilton, Sarah Baptist, Krzystof Bratun,

Props Artists: Christie Whisman, Tamara Broitman, Danielle McDonald, Rebekah Kilzer, Danielle McDonald, Pamela Raines



Scenery Data

  • Built Nov-Dec, 2001 at the Opera Company of Philadelphia Production Center / Frankford Arsenal
  • Scenery construction budget: $136,542 • Actual cost: $141,298
  • Load-in crew: 18 • Run Crew: 17  (carpenters, flymen and props only) • 16 hours required for load-in • 2 trucks required for shipping
  • This production no longer exists

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