Don Pasquale

Syracuse Opera Company • January, 1985 at the Carrier Theatre, Civic Center of Onondaga County

Scenic and Lighting Design: Boyd OstroffDirector: Bernard UzanCostume Design: Shima OransConductor: James Caraher

Don Pasquale: John Davies • Norina: Christine Klemperer • Ernesto: Gran Wilson • Dr Malatesta: Robert Orth


The sketch above was from a little 1983 production, directed by John Davies, that toured to very small venues with piano accompaniment. In 1985 these units were incorporated into a larger, fully mounted production in the Carrier Theatre, directed by Bernard Uzan.


Sketches/Design Drawings




Production Photos




Production Staff

Technical Director: Boyd Ostroff • Asst Technical Director: Peter Scheu • Asst Director: Kay Walker

Shop Carpenters: Daniel Robinson, Keith Brzozowski, Ken Brzozowski, Robert Frame, Ken Stone

Scenic Artists: Elizabeth Thomas (Charge), Robert Earle


Scenery Data

  • Built October 1984 at the Syracuse Opera Company Production Center / Frankford Arsenal
  • Scenery construction budget: $5,688 • Actual cost: $5,040
  • This production no longer exists


1983 Opera Theater of Syracuse scene shop brochure


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